June 2013

It is TIME to confront the dynamics of gentrification while embracing a plurality of perspectives, conflicts and approaches to the question: When is (k)not gentrification?


Throughout the month of June (Home Ownership Month) 2013 we invite people who want to participate vis-a-vis presentations, performances and conversations to join us in exploring how to prevent gentrification during  revitalization.

We are looking for artists, activists, neighbors, academics, and others (even politicians) who might be interested in participating in exhibits/events/dialogues that will take place in and around Station North during the month of June  2013.

We know what gentrification is, so how do (we) prevent it from happening? Only we can decide.

Join us if you dare…


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2 Responses to June 2013

  1. jLombardi says:

    There is no set goal (for me, it would go against my epistemology to think in terms of goals on such a level its too dangerous and limiting), instead I chose to focus on desires, turned into false statements (we can do this). I have no way of stopping gentrification from happening in Station North. I do have the ability to facilitate performance — of all sorts, so that conversations might emerge that influence what might happen in SN and the displacement of people….IF I had to have a goal it would be that a diversity of people participate in the G(N) project in june 2013 so that something new might emerge. — jude

  2. jLombardi says:

    Where is our definition of gentrification it needs to be obvious out and around everywhere on this site. —

    We define gentrification as the dynamic that emerges when poor urban neighborhoods—through a process of renovations, restoration and residential shifts—change in ways such that current residents can no longer live or work in their neighborhood.

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