living cybernetics

Four shorts later, 7 months ago… cyber_conf_logoI started working on a video for the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) about the 2014 annual conference entitled “Living in Cybernetics.” Since it was the 50th Anniversary of the ASC I felt compelled  to include footage from my 20 years of video taping at ASC meetings.  Here are four 10 minute shorts from the 2 hour documentary that emerged 7 months later. —

At the core of  “living cybernetics” is a conversation by conference participants about “what is cybernetics.” The excerpt includes comments by Ernst von Glasersfeld.

 What is Cybernetics?

This video short includes footage from Ranulph Glanville’s presentation about Living in Cybernetics and how this is relevant to how we act. Vintage footage of Gordan Pask about conversation theory, time and when is a participant is also included in this excerpt.

 Living in Cybernetics

In this ten minute short conference participants discuss how cybernetic ideas, thinking and doing might generate social transformations. This includes vintage footage of Stafford Beer, Herbert Brün, Humberto Maturana and the Performance Workshop Ensemble.

Cybernetic Praxis

This ten minute short features the 2014 conference components and speakers such as Mary Catherine Bateson. It also includes vintage footage of Heinz von Forester on the topic of Management.

 An Introduction

The Movie

Deep Listening


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